Tuesday, July 5, 2016

palisades state park

A while back a friend of mine posted some photos on Facebook of her and her husband at Palisades State Park. At the time I had no idea where they were but it looked pretty sweet so when she informed me that this park wasn't far from where we live (only a little over an hour away) I knew I wanted to make sure we checked it out one of these days.

We finally had a chance to check it out this weekend. We packed a lunch and a few other things and headed out for the day to Garretson, SD.

The park was beautiful. We took in the sights; enjoyed a picnic lunch overlooking the river; hiked; climbed rocks and enjoyed God's beautiful creation.

We also happened to run into some friends and neighbors of ours and hiked a little with them as well.

Kaiden enjoyed hanging out with his buddy. Cuties.

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