Thursday, June 30, 2016

jada's big girl bed

It all started last fall. After a few years of going to bed without any problems, Jada decided she did not like to sleep in her room. She would cry and start melting down when she heard the words "time for bed". We all dreaded bedtime. At the time, she had been sleeping on a crib mattress in a crib converted to a daybed. We thought maybe it's because her bed just really isn't very comfortable. She is 3 1/2 and still sleeping on a crib mattress after all. So that whole situation led us to thinking we should try a big girl bed and see if that would help the situation.

We decided to go straight to a full size bed for little, bitty, Jada. The plan is that we would buy one mattress that should last her until she is out of the house. And other parents with older children we talked to wished they would have just gone straight for the full sized mattress instead of a twin size.

We found this old headboard when Jada was a baby and bought it for twenty bucks, thinking we just may use it down the road for this very reason.

This is the front of it. A little too ornate for my taste, so we actually ended up using the back of the headboard as the front.

This is the back of the headboard that we are using as the front. We also cut off the bottom of the legs.

Dan added a wood panel to the bottom to make the headboard tall enough; attached the frame and painted it white.

And here's Jada on her new bed. 

But this mama couldn't just stop here. I mean with a new mattress we had to find new bedding and once I started that, I just couldn't help but have some fun redoing her room. I'll show you her finished room in another post.

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