Monday, August 24, 2015

back yard progress | utility shed

We've been slacking off taking the time to enjoy the summer the last several weeks and therefore haven't accomplished much on our back yard project. This last weekend, however, we got back to work and started on the utility shed in hopes that we can move all our stuff (and by 'stuff' I mean toys and bikes and lawn mower and snow blower and pool) from the garage to the utility shed so Dan will be able to park in the garage again before winter.

We previously poured the concrete slab for the shed earlier this Spring when we poured the patio. The random slab of concrete has just been sitting there all summer just looking junky and waiting for some attention.

Dan took a few days and built the frame of the four walls off-site, so Saturday morning he was able to bring the four, framed walls and attach them to the concrete.

We placed the rafters for the roof and once the four walls were up and we made sure they were plumb, we finished up the day by attaching the plywood for the walls.

There's a lot more work to come, but it feels good to have it started.

Friday, August 21, 2015

a conversation with kaiden on his 6th birthday

My favorite food: French toast.

What I like to do for fun: Do experiments and play with Aliya.

mom’s input: He has started playing with the neighbor kids - especially Aliya and will drop everything to go out and play with her when he sees her outside. He likes building model cars with dad and building stuff in the shop when dad goes to work in the shop.

My favorite sport to play: Baseball and basketball.

mom’s input: He likes those sports but doesn’t actually play sports that much.

The show I like best on television: Casey Under Cover.

mom’s input: I’ve never heard of Casey Under Cover, so I’m not sure how much he really watches it or if it is really his favorite. Kaiden has recently discovered the Disney and Nickelodeon stations so he has started watching other shows. He still likes Wild Kratts and Odd Squad but has started watching Girl Meets World, Paw Patrol and Blaze.

I think the coolest person in the world is: you (mom)

My favorite thing to learn: I would like to learn about how to tell time.

mom’s input: He is currently just starting to learn how to read. He can sound out letters and sound out simple words. He just learned how to pump when he swings. He gets excited to learn things from dad like how to use a knife or how to build a model car. He is also a fast learner.

Something I’m really good at: hooting like an owl.

mom’s input: He’s good at problem-solving and thinking things through. He’s also a really good big brother and is good at taking care of and protecting Jada.

If I could go anywhere in the world, I’d go to: the North Pole

mom’s input: Probably an Iowa State Game or a water park.

My favorite color: Red, blue and gold.

When I grow up, I’m going to be: an eye doctor because I can help you to find glasses and I’ll find the right ones for you mommy.

mom’s input: What a sweetie - just wanting to help mom. He probably said this because I have been looking for new glasses for the last month or so.

My favorite song: I just make up my own songs sometimes.

Book I like best: My hot wheels book.

Mom’s input: Hot Wheels Tunnel Trouble.

Some words that describe me: I don’t know what you mean.

Mom’s input: problem-solver, observant, shy, cautious, thinks of others.

My favorite time of year: Summer when I can swim in the pool.

My favorite snack: Oreos with milk. It’s a little healthy and a little not, right mom?

Food I really dislike: Chicken pot pie.

My best friend: Jada.

If I had one wish, it would be: To be a singer.

My best memory: When I got to see the Iowa State Stadium and also when I got to go to the tractor pull with daddy and grandpa.

Mom’s input: We stopped in Ames on the way home from Norwalk recently. We showed Kaiden and Jada around the Iowa State campus to show them where Cy lives and show him where mom and dad went to school. He was actually really interested in checking out campus but really enjoyed going in and seeing the football stadium for the first time. Very cool! He also went the the tractor pull this summer for the second time and looked forward to it and had a blast.

What I would like for my birthday: Iowa State watch; a knife holder that I can put my knifes in the keep them safe and lock it so nobody can get in and get hurt; a DS gaming system; red camouflage binoculars.

Mom’s input: He just randomly came up with the above birthday wants. He previously told me he wanted Hot Wheels color changers, iron beads, magic tricks, Paw Patrol set, molding clay and rocks for his rock collection.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

time for sweet corn

There's something about fresh sweet corn in Iowa that makes summer, summer. And thanks to Dan's aunt and uncle for sharing their home-grown corn, we finally had our first corn-on-the-cob of the summer. (and Jada's first corn-on-the-cob ever.) It was delicious.

Though it appears as though Jada doesn't like it, she really does. She just had a hard time biting the corn off.

Kaiden thoroughly enjoyed it and asked if we could have it again the next day. And yes, we did have it again the next day.

Then Jada decided to eat her hot dog like corn-on-the-cob.