Wednesday, February 25, 2015

wall art

A couple years ago Dan built these picture frames for our family room. The nice thing about them is that I can just pin different pictures or artwork on them if I feel like changing the art since it's made with cardboard wrapped with burlap. I initially had pictures of my kids pinned up on the frames until this Christmas I stapled snow flakes to the frames:

I'm kind of over snow flakes now and the pictures of my kids I initially had up there where outdated so I was looking to do something else. So I turned to Pinterest and searched for ideas.

After searching for ideas, the artist within me came out. I bought a couple bottles of paint and used some paint left-over from our art classes in our college days. I painted and experimented with different things:

and came up with this:

and turns out I didn't like it. So I gave up for a while.

I decided maybe I should just put photos of my kids back on the frames. One Sunday morning church happened to be cancelled due to nasty weather so I took the opportunity to do a little photo shoot in our kitchen. I turned them black and white and printed them out on some card stock.

I pinned them up on the frames and am done with my wall art... for now anyway.

jada loves swimming lessons

One thing I like about the town I live in is that there in an indoor, public swimming pool. So in the dead of winter, when the only thing to do is go to the library; hang out at the bakery; or make another trip to Walmart just to get out of the house, we have the opportunity to go swimming. 

Jada has started her first swimming lessons and she loves it! Girlfriend has no fear! She kicks her little legs; paddles her little arms; puts her ears in the water; and constantly asks to jump off the edge into the pool.

listening to the instructor

happy girl! kicking her legs

finally! time to jump off the edge into the pool. (her favorite part)