Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 highlights

It's hard to believe 2014 has come and gone. Each year seems to fly by faster and faster than the last. As 2014 comes to a close, I thought I would share our highlights from the year.

The year started off pretty uneventful. Apparently we took most of January and February to recuperate from the holidays and things finally started to get exciting again when we got a nice snow the end of February and Jada experienced snow for the first time. As you can see, she was cold; could hardly move and really didn't enjoy it at all.

Jada's first snow experience was our biggest highlight until May. (We live a pretty exciting life.) In May, Kaiden graduated from Stepping Stones Preschool.
preschool graduation program
his preschool teachers
We also started our bathroom remodel in May.
Dan pouring the concrete countertop
We celebrated Memorial Day weekend with a little family time at Oak Grove with a picnic and afternoon hike.

In June Kaiden got to see Mater face-to-face. That's a big deal people.

Dan and I took a trip to Florida in June while the kids stayed with grandma and grandpa. We hung out at the pool and the beach and did a lot of relaxing.

June was also the month Jada officially turned into a girly-girl.

Kaiden experienced his first tractor pull in July. Kaiden and his dad went with a couple of his friends and their dad. And though the picture doesn't appear as such, Kaiden did actually really enjoy it.

In August we visited the Iowa State Fair with some friends. It was the kids' first Iowa State Fair. We did a lot of walking and maneuvering with the stroller.

Kaiden with his friends and the largest pumpkin
in front of the famous butter cow (though you can't even see the cow)
August also brought the start of a new school year and my little man started Transitional Kindergarten. He is loving it. He also started riding the bus to and from school.

first day of school

He also turned five!

Jada pulled a barstool over onto herself and fractured her toe.

And she also got her first haircut. She was such a big girl. Climbed right up on the chair and sat so nicely. She even got some candy for being such a big girl.

And she turned two!

Kaiden received the Kinsey Kid of Character Award at school. I was so proud of my baby.

We finished our bathroom remodel after about half a year.

And here we are at the end of another year.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

tis the season for family photos

Typically when it comes to taking family photos, we literally take hundreds of pictures and end up with one or two descent ones. Either the kids are distracted by grass or rocks or something or the kids won't smile and if we just happen to actually capture the kids smiling, well, then Dan or I either have our eyes closed or we're talking to the kids or we are distracted by grass or rocks or something.

Just recently we took some family photos and ended up with a couple descent ones:

but way more of the not-so-descent ones:

Giving Jada a little pep talk. Look at the camera, Jada. Let's not get distracted now.
Jada, look at the camera.
Great picture! Except for that lady in the middle who appears to be completely distracted. Just as bad as the kids.

Kaiden not only has to stick his tongue out to the left of his mouth...

but to his right as well.

Jada could not stop playing with the grass...

and when Jada finally looked up for a quick smile, Kaiden thought it would be the perfect time to play with the grass.

See that blade of grass in Dan's hand? What is so fascinating about the darn grass?!