Friday, May 30, 2014

memorial day

Typically for us,  a three-day holiday weekend means we get as much done on projects around the house as possible.  We take advantage of the extra day "off" from work and get more work done. So this Memorial Day weekend was a little different for us. We made it a point not to work on any projects and to just relax and have a little fun this holiday weekend.

We enjoyed the afternoon at Oak Grove with a little hiking, a picnic lunch on the river and some more hiking.

ready to hike. jada actually enjoyed being in the baby carrier. she got out to walk for a short while but wanted back in the carrier. who could blame her?

checking out one of the many snails along the way.

daddy-daughter love

Saturday, May 24, 2014

toilet love

Have you ever found a toilet you just really, really liked? Like a good, solid toilet? You have your typical, run-of-the-mill toilets, right? But then you have your fancy, expensive toilets that typically you never get to experience because usually one does not care to fork over 300 plus bucks for a toilet. Have you ever sat on a toilet and thought to yourself "Wow. This is a really nice toilet." or "Wow. That flush really get's the job done." Have you ever liked a toilet so much that you would remove it from your bathroom and take it with you half-way across the state when you moved?

We have.

Yes. We took our toilet with us when we moved.

Several years ago when we lived in Ames we were getting ready to sell our house. And of course, since we were selling our house something had to break. We got a hairline crack in our toilet and it slowly leaked. The toilet needed to be replaced.

We went to Lowes to find a new toilet. And since we would be moving and not get to enjoy our new toilet all that much, we went the selfish route (just like any one of you would do) and looked for one of the cheapest toilets we could find (without being too cheap of course). As we were looking, we told one of the sales associates about our predicament. The associate suggested taking a look at some floor models they were just getting rid of. That is were we found the toilet of our dreams. A $300 Kholer toilet for $45. Yep. Forty-five dollars. At this point though we thought we had just gotten a super great deal. We didn't know we would soon be falling in love with this toilet.

We took it home and got it installed and realized we really liked the toilet. So much so that we wanted to take it with us when we moved. We would never actually purchase a toilet for $300 so this was our chance to own our very own $300 toilet. So, back to Lowes we went to buy another toilet to put in our old house. This time, a simple, cheap, yet still nice toilet. And our super-duper-turbo-fancy-pants-expensive-yet-cheap toilet moved across the state with us.

At the time I kinda thought it was crazy that we would take out a toilet we just installed to move it across the state with us but I'm glad we did. When we moved into our current house, we right away saw the need for a new toilet to replace the pink one that would barely flush.

not kidding - pink toilet

the toilet we packed up and moved with us

Now you're probably wondering why I'm telling you this story about our toilet. It's not to make you jealous that we have a super-duper-turbo-fancy-pants-expensive-yet-cheap toilet. That toilet is the only thing that's been changed in that bathroom since 1978. Now after 3 years of living here we are getting ready to remodel the bathroom. We will say good-bye to the pink/peach bathtub and sea shell sink. Good-bye to the psychedelic tile floor and striped wall paper. Good-bye to brown and gold. You will not be missed.