Friday, June 28, 2013

brother/sister comparison | 9 months

Just for the fun of it, here are Kaiden and Jada's 9-month pictures:

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

jada | 9 months

Jada's 9-month stats:
Weight: 18 lb. 3 oz. (38th percentile)
Height: 28.5 in. (84th percentile)

Jada is now nine months and her biggest accomplishment as of late is crawling. My sweet, little girl is on the move and she is LOVING it! She is typically a happy girl but she is even happier now that she can crawl. She roams around the house; will follow me into the other room (although it takes her a little while to catch up with me); will go find Kaiden in his toy room and play with him (which is the sweetest thing to see them playing together) and will wander on down the hall where I will find her in the bathroom playing with bath toys.  She did, however, scare herself today when she crawled down the hall and discovered one of those springy door stops that are attached to the baseboard. She went to grab it and when she let go it made a springy, vibrating noise that freaked her out. She started crying and refused to get near the thing again.

I love seeing Jada's little personality shine through. She likes to play and have fun and will crinkle up her nose and flash you the widest, cheesiest, two-thoothed grin, but she also has a serious side too where she looks as though she could burn a hole through you just by the intense, serious, look in her eyes. It's as if you can see the wheel's turning in her head as she's trying to figure you out. She's very curious and likes to check everything and everyone out. She doesn't want to miss a thing.

Speaking of checking everything out, in her observations, she has come to some conclusions about life. She has found that there are a couple things in life that she does NOT like.  Those things are grass and koosh balls. Do not put her near either one unless, of course, entertainment is what you're seeking. It's quite comical to see her freak out because of a little grass or ball.

Jada has started waving and is sure to wave "bye bye" to daddy in the morning when he heads off to work. She also continues to think her big brother is pretty funny. I will often find him doing the silliest, weirdest things because she thinks it's funny and he enjoys getting her to laugh. Oh how I love my babies.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

pinterest inspired wall art

Our family room has been a work in progress.  While most of the family room has been completed for quite a while, it was still in need of some finishing touches... particularly the large wall with vaulted ceiling. It was a huge, barren wall just waiting for a little somethin'.

I really wasn't sure what to do or what I wanted, so I went to my trusty friend, Pinterest, for some inspiration.  I pinned inspiration for nearly a year (I know, I think it's time I admit I have a bit of a decision-making problem). Ultimately, I found my main inspiration from this pin.

I began by hanging some old wrapping paper on the wall above the couch to get an idea of the size I wanted. Once I knew the size I wanted and how thick I wanted the picture frame to be, I gave my dimensions to the trusty carpenter and he went to work creating, building, staining and varnishing the frames.

We then found a large cork board and cut it down into three pieces to fit in the frames.  Then, using plain, old Elmer's glue, we glued burlap to the front of the cork board pieces. Once the glue dried he attached the burlap-covered cork board to the back of the picture frame.

We bought some thumb tacks, which we spray-painted a bronze color and just printed off some pictures of the kiddos and hung the pictures using thumb tacks. The great thing about this project is that I can switch out the pictures easily and can pin up anything I would want to print out.