Sunday, February 17, 2013

jada | 5 months

Jada is now 5 months and full of sweetness.  She is happy, content and just so sweet.  Of course just like any girl, she does have a mood swing every now and then, but overall she is a good baby.

She tried cereal for the first time about a month ago (4 months old) and she hated it.  She cried and cried and spit it out.  Now, a month later, she's just starting to eat it though I'm not convinced she really actually likes it.  Hopefully things go better when I introduce baby food.

She has mastered rolling from her back to her tummy but can't roll from tummy to back.  So then she gets stuck...and mad...and cries until I save her and turn her back on her back.  Only to roll right back to her tummy.

She is VERY curious.  She has to see everything going on around her.  She enjoys watching big brother and laughing at him.

She takes a morning nap, an afternoon nap and sometimes a little cat-nap in the evening.  She then typically goes to bed around 8:00 and wakes up around 7:00 the next morning.  YES!

Friday, February 15, 2013

inside play

Winter can feel so long.  Especially with a three-year-old that would just love to be outside, spending hours pushing dirt and sand with his trucks and tractors.  So what do we do when we can't be outside?

Well, we actually haven't done this since last winter, but this kept him busy for quite awhile.  I filled both sides of the sink with water and gave him measuring cups, measuring spoons, anything he could pour or measure with; even an old medicine dropper.

Kaiden had a blast making his very own rocket ship.

With just a big bowl or bin; a large can of old fashioned oatmeal and some spoons, measuring cups and trucks, the little K-man stays busy pushing big piles of "dirt" or making a "cake" for his mommy.

The only problem is ending up with a mess on the floor like this:

What do you do with your kids on those cold, winter days when you're stuck inside?  Leave a comment; I would love more ideas.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

the completion of one room turned three

Remember waaay back in June when I posted this blog post about turning our large formal living room into three rooms we could actually use?  Well, we're done.  Actually, we were done quite a while ago but I just now got around to taking pictures.
I'll just refresh your memory... the living room started out looking somewhat like this:

I forgot to take pictures until after we started so imagine this room without the  2x4's.  There was one large set of windows that ended up being divided in the middle by a wall.  Notice the tall, skinny windows on the orange wall, which we ended up covering up.

We divided the room in half with a wall and made one half of the room a bedroom for Kaiden.  The second half of the room was divided in half again and made into a toy storage/play room and a computer room.

We wanted the walls and rooms to be somewhat temporary as someday down the road when our needs change, we will most likely turn it back into one large room.  Therefore, the walls are built on top of the  carpet and attached to the ceiling and side-walls in minimal places and NOT drywalled to any adjoining walls or ceiling.  And just a side note here to those of you who notice the, um, shall we say, somewhat out-dated carpet (a good 35 years old).  Well, it's staying until those temporary walls come down since the walls are built on top the carpet and if we put in new carpet now, there would be patches of old carpet when we take the walls down.

Kaiden's room (room 1 of 3):

Floor-to-ceiling headboard:  It wasn't just that we wanted our three year old to have the biggest, coolest headboard in town; we also wanted to cover up the tall, skinny windows lining the front of the room.  We used ship lap sheeting that we painted with a mixture of some different paints and stains that we had on hand and attached the sheeting to the wall.  Dan then built a simple frame to place the mattress on.

Airplane pictures:  Dan designed the airplane pictures using his graphic design skills (a carpenter and a graphic designer - what more could a wife that likes to decorate ask for?)  Then printed them out; glued them to a slab of wood and mounted them on some corrugated steel that we got off an old machine shed here in town.

Night stand:  originally a side-table that went along with a bench that Dan built me for my birthday back when we were dating.

Lamp: originally red and I recovered it with a neutral-colored cloth.

Armoire aka Kaiden's closet:  Dan built this several years ago when we owned a house that didn't have a single closet on the main floor.

Dresser:  Got for free from our neighbor.  After cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, painting and adding some new hardware, it looks like this.

Book shelf:  made out of wood off an old barn here in town.  Free wood as long as Dan was willing to climb to the top of the building and hammer and kick the wood to the ground.  Also built by, you guessed it, Dan-the-man.

Globe:  Found on sale at a consignment store.  Score!

Curtains:  Though you can't really see the curtains in any of these pictures I thought I would share anyway that it's a painter's drop cloth hung by some curtain clips I had left over from a different curtain hanging endeavor.

Airplane: That old airplane sitting on top the armoire is what started the whole airplane theme in the first place.  Dan built it as a kid and it hung in his childhood bedroom until I spotted it and thought it would be perfect for the little K-man.

Toy Room (room 2 of 3):

Not that the toys actually stay in this room, but it provides a home for the toys and when the the toys actually get put away (which rarely happens), they are out of sight.

Dan put together a simple shelf and I found some planting pots on clearance at Walmart for the smaller toys to go.

Computer Room (room 3 of 3):

I'm not really sure this is considered a room but more like a computer area.  It provides a space for the desk that we really didn't have elsewhere on the main floor.  The door to the right of the computer desk is the door to Kaiden's room and the opening to the left of the desk is the play room.