Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"the great god over the small things" by Paige VanVoorst

I just love reading my friend, Paige's, blog.  Not only is she funny and witty in her writings and just plain enjoyable to be around, she's encouraging to me and I'm sure to many other people.  One of her latest blog posts was especially encouraging to me and I wanted to share.  Check out her blog post here.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

next project: turning one room into three

We've pretty much been working on our house non-stop since we purchased it a little over a year ago.  About half the house now looks COMPLETELY different than the day we bought it.  (I'll show you pictures once we finish the final touches to the kitchen, dining room and family room.)  But before we totally finish those rooms, we decided to start another project.  Crazy, I know.  Seriously, after this project we're taking a break.  For real.

Anyway, the next project has a bit of a time frame on it.  We currently have two bedrooms on the main floor - the master bedroom and Kaiden's room.  But as you probably already know, baby number two will be here in a short three months.  We plan to put her in Kaiden's current room.  Which begs the question, were is Kaiden's room going to be?  I'm not quite ready to send him to the basement so this calls for another project.  We'll turn a huge formal living room on the main floor into Kaiden's bedroom, a toy room and a computer room.  We're not really using the living room to it's full potential anyway since we also have a family room on the main floor.  The living room is pretty much a huge computer room or basically a collect-all room...

Remember this picture from a previous post?  This is the living room I'm talking about but the dishes in those boxes are now back in the cupboards and the couches are back in the family room, so this room is pretty bare except for a computer and toys.

It's kind of hard to tell from the pictures, but we've divided the room in half and one half will be Kaiden's room and the other half we divide again and that will be the toy room and computer room.  We're dividing the room with "temporary walls".  Meaning, the walls are built out of Sheetrock so they'll last many years, but we're not mudding the walls to the ceiling or adjoining walls.  We'll just cover the seams up with trim. It's hard to tell from the pictures below, but this is what it looks like so far.  Well, kinda, we have all the Sheetrock up and we're in the process of painting.

building the walls that will divide the room
Dan's dad helping him get the wall centered over the window (also a carpenter, who taught Dan pretty much everything he knows)
Here's Rod, slacking off on the job.  Had to post this because this rarely happens.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

maternity tanning bed... hillbilly-style

I'll be honest - being pregnant makes me feel... well... not so cute.  I've got the waddle down (already); I'm gaining the weight (quickly); I'm feeling pretty big and those darn vericose veins will start rearing their ugly heads any day now.  So I thought maybe I could get a little tan to make me feel a little better and maybe at least cover up those unsightly vericose veins so I decided to buy a lounge chair so I could lay out in the sun and get a little tan.

Couple weeks ago I had a chance to try out my new lounge chair.  Kaiden was all settled into bed for a nap and I took my water bottle and book for a relaxing hour in the sun to get a bit of a tan.  Turns out I didn't quite think this process through... You know how when you're pregnant, you can't lay on your stomach?  And you know how when you can't lay on your stomach to tan, only the front side of you gets tan and the back-side stays pasty white?  I tried laying in all kinds of positions to attempt to get my back some sun too.  Nothing was working.

It wasn't until a few days later, while I was at a second-hand store looking for a dresser for Kaiden's room that I spotted a lounge chair just like the one I had but with a little rust on it and some dirt and bugs for only two dollars.  I had an idea.  I could cut a hole out of the middle of it for my baby tummy to hang through so I could lay on my tummy and get my back tan. (and if it didn't work, I was only out two bucks).

I brought the chair home, cleaned it up and cut a hole in the middle of it for the big belly.  And guess what.  It actually worked!  I could lay comfortably and get my back tan at the same time.  Now I'll just have to see how long I'll actually be able to maneuver my big-bellied self onto this contraption.