Tuesday, March 27, 2012

entryway redo and gallery wall

I'm excited to reveal yet another room in our house that we've updated.  Though this was one of the very first projects I did when we first moved in nearly a year ago, it wasn't quite complete until recently when Dan finished it by installing new flooring.  We'll first begin with a couple before pictures...

This isn't the greatest picture, but it's the only one I have of the wallpaper.  I think it also shows off the nice flooring too!

Before picture minus the wallpaper.  That beautiful chandelier has since been removed too.
I really liked the "gallery wall" look that I had seen in magazines, blogs and other people's houses so I really wanted to do that now that I had a perfect place for it.  I also really liked the blue/gray color I had seen around lately too, but because I tend to shy away from a lot of color in large areas of the house, I thought this small entryway would be perfect with a splash of color... so with that being said and a little more inspiration from Pottery Barn catalog, this is what I ended up with...

I thought I would also share some tips in case you wanted to do a gallery wall of your own:

-Start with arranging your pictures/pieces on the floor in different arrangements, taking pictures of each arrangement.  You can then flip through the pictures you took and select the best arrangement.

-After you decide on an arrangement, trace each piece of artwork on some paper.  I used the back of an old roll of Christmas paper.  Then cut what you traced out of the paper.

-You can then tape the paper to the wall and can easily rearrange it to get it just right.

-Once you arrange it how you like, measure the distance from where the hook is on the back of the artwork and then measure the same on the piece of paper and place your nail there.  Then take the paper off the wall and you're ready to hang your piece of art.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

when mom's not around...

Kaiden certainly has more fun when mom's not around...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

one way a bucket is useful

Sometimes I just laugh at the things Kaiden picks up on from watching his mama...

I'll start by saying lately I haven't been feeling so well... dealing with some morning sickness that sticks around 24/7.  For the last couple months Kaiden has watched me sit on the couch, barely able to move for fear of throwing up.  He quickly learned that when mommy is on the couch and she says she doesn't feel very well, he goes and finds the bucket - yes, the barf bucket - wherever it may have been left last and brings it to his mama.  Such a good helper.

So this evening at supper we were eating our meal which happened to have cashews in it, which Kaiden must be allergic to because after barely half a bite of a cashew, he threw up.  That was it for him for supper.  He was done.  He got down from his chair, went and found the bucket (for himself this time), crawled up on the couch and covered himself up with his blanket.  There he was, on the couch, just him and his barf bucket.

I can't seem to get him to learn his alphabet, numbers or colors, but I've at least taught him not to throw up on the furniture...