Thursday, November 3, 2011

just a simple little weekend project

When I say 'just a simple, little, weekend project', what I really mean is this project wasn't actually so simple and it wasn't little and it really wasn't even planned (at least not for last weekend).  It was dirty, dangerous, scary and tiring.  Dan and I and only Dan and I got started on the weekend project... while Kaiden was trapped in the living room with t.v., toys and door shut.
By now you might be wondering what this project is all about.  It's about tearing out this stone (really heavy stone) fireplace surround.  Not to fool anyone - those are real stones... heavy stones... that if they came tumbling down from the top could bust through the floor to the basement.  Did I mention they were heavy?

As I mentioned, we weren't really expecting to do this last weekend.  The plan was that Dan was going to try knocking out a stone or two to see what kind of work we had ahead of us.  We had planned to round up more help when it came to actually doing it.  But once he started he just kept going and I joined in.
We then really got serious and went to his dad's shop to gather any kind of padding/cushion we could to soften the fall when/if the stones fell to the floor.  We also needed safety gear for ourselves too.  Dust masks for the both of us (it was so dusty) and safety glasses of course.  Then to work we went.  Dan slammed away with the sledge hammer and I carried stones outside, one by one.  Toward the bottom of the fireplace there were concrete blocks, mortar and tile that filled 2 and a half pick-up loads.

This is me in all my safety gear glory

It felt like this rubble was never-ending

I was so exhausted that I literally could have fallen asleep on this rubble and concrete block pillow

Now we have a clean slate!  Except for that cupboard and last piece of paneling we need to remove, but that's a piece of cake in comparison to what we just accomplished.  It feels good to have this project out of the way.  Stay tuned to see what we do with this clean slate!